Noelle started learning bellydance in 2002 after being introduced to it through sword fighting. In 2006 she began performing at restaurants and parties, and has been doing so ever since. Through workshops and classes, she has studied under wonderful local dancers such as Sabeya, Lava, Simone LeBlanc (of the “Shimmy” TV show on Discovery Health), Danielle LeBlanc, Elizabeth Carefoot, Loulie Burns, and Lynette Harper, as well as internationally-renowned performers such as Suhaila Salimpour, Sadie, Ansuya, Rachel Brice, Jillina Sharon Kihara, Jim Boz, Ruby Beh, Malia, Estela, Amanda Rose, and Sera Solstice.

More recently, Noelle spent 7 months working with Ruby Beh in an intensive bellydance mentoring program and, in 2015 and 2016 respectively, she trained and certified in the challenging Level 1 of both the Suhaila and Jamila format through the Suhaila Salimpour School of Bellydance. Noelle is passionate about continuing to learn the culture and history of Middle Eastern dance and improving her skills.


Noelle performed at a Middle Eastern themed evening for a group of friends. She was punctual, professional, fun, friendly and incredibly talented. She brought along scarves for all of us and we had a very fun lesson on several of her basic moves. There was a lot of laughter, and we all enjoyed having her there very much! 5*, A+, highly recommended.

- Amber

A huge thank you, Noelle, for the lovely performance at our Teacher Appreciation Lunch at Bayridge Elementary. The teachers were captivated and it really added to the ambiance of our Moroccan themed luncheon.

- Christine Dencer Dalzell

I have attended several performances of Noelle’s at both private events as well as at Kostas with my children at Christmas. Noelle is incredibly skilled and well practiced and dances with wit and charm and had the kids up dancing with her for parts of the performance. I decided to book her to perform at a friends retirement party. I cannot say enough about Noelle’s preparation and professionalism […] She performed beautifully, engaging the crowd and by the end had everyone clapping and smiling…I cannot say enough about Noelle! If you want to add something special to your social gathering, part or wedding I would highly recommend booking her to perform.

- Jessica

Thank you so much for the performance you gave for my son’s wedding. It was a last minute thing but you came through beautifully. I know you were busy and your time was scheduled, but you took the time out for us, which was very much appreciated. The belly dancing was very well-received, and you wowed everyone. This was in step with my new in-laws’ culture, especially the sword dance, and was a surprise gift to the bride and groom.

- Les DeVilliers

Noelle is an amazing dancer! Our venue ended up being smaller than expected and speakers were having issues with sound, but Noelle improvised and made it work with the most uplifting and positive attitude!

- Priya

Very impressed and would love to have her back!

- Three Links Care Society